Allwebco Form Setup and Uploading Services

AllWebCo offers the following fee services to AllWebCo hosting customers. This work is done by the Allwebco hosting company.

FREE!! When You Order New or Switch to AllWebCo Hosting:
If you either order a new hosting account, or switch your current hosting over to AllWebCo, AllWebCo will include the setup of your template "contact.htm" and "quotes.htm" forms on your new website at no charge. View AllWebCo Hosting Packages

Website Upload Service $45.00:
This service includes uploading your website to your AllWebCo hosting area and testing for errors. Either the edited or unedited template website can be uploaded. If your site is edited, you will need to send a .zip file of your completed files to have this service preformed.

Contact and/or Quotes Form Setup $55.00:
This rate is to fully setup and test your Allwebco Design "contact.htm" on your AllWebCo website with the form script. If your Allwebco Design template includes a "quotes.htm" setting up this form as well is included in the price. This service includes total form setup including setting up or assisting with your e-mail forwarding if required.

Get Started: Contact:
You can contact the Allwebco billing department with any questions regarding the uploading and form setup services.

Get Started: Payment:
If you would like to proceed with any of the above services right away, you can click here to send your payment and someone will contact you shortly for details on your project.

If you prefer, Paypal payments can also be made to Allwebco Hosting for custom setup projects using the Allwecbo Paypal form.