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News, events, new web templates and web template updates, addons and other news items from Allwebco Design Corporation can be found listed on Twitter and Facebook.
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Interview at Website Planet
Allwebco CEO interview by Website Planet's Roberto Popolizio. Covering features that make our designs stand out as a web templates provider and our plans to improve our services in the near future. See: Website Planet Interview
Updating for Mobile
With the recent Google algorithm updates to rank mobile complaint websites higher, you will want to consider updating you older website for mobile.
New Pages:
New pages added at Allwebco Design to better define web templates and mobile compliance.

Downloadable HTML website templates
6 ways to build your website
What is developer grade?

Responsive vs. mobile
Site builder vs. stand alone

Mobile sub-sites
Responsive design

Mobile version addon upgrade
CSS mobile detection overlay

What are web templates?
HTML5 design
Optimized for mobile
Updates Shmupdates
Web browsers change, computers change, people change and uhhh... we make mistakes. So what do we do about it? Absolutely nothing! Just kidding. Check out our Updates Page for any changes, fixes or additions to our templates and / or scripts.
What Everybody Wants
Naked girls? Well sure, but even better, everybody wants to be on top in the search engines. Check out our comprehensive optimizing your website support page. This page includes some valuable tips for getting better search results.