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HTML5 / Flash xmp3Player Mp3 Player Application

Sticky Note Mp3 Music Player
Support and updates for the xmp3Player music player website add-on application. See the help page included with your download for the correct support links and setup info.

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Mini Mp3 Website Music Player

For support for the xmp3 mini player click here

Converting files to mp3 format
The xmp3Player will only use mp3 files. Here's some info to help you convert file types like .wav, .au to mp3 format.

  1. You may have wav to mp3 conversion built into your Windows Media Player application. If not you can upgrade at the Windows Media site.
  2. Sony Sound Forge. Free version may be available.
  3. If you have Creative brand software for your sound card, find the "Creative" icon on your start menu and open "Creative WaveStudio". With "Creative WaveStudio" you can edit your .wav file, trim areas, increase volume, fade, echo and then save this .wav file as an .mp3 file for the message.
  4. Free audio editing software is available at c|net and also at PC World.