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Support for Mac web template setup & editing

Sticky Note Mac Editing
Support for editing Allwebco templates on a Mac OS X computer. Follow the steps as outlined on the help.html included with your download. You can use TextEdit for editing, or an HTML editing software program.

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Editing template files (plain text)
For editing the template .htm, .css and .js files on an Apple Macintosh computer, you can optionally use TextEdit or a plain text editor.
Editing HTML pages
Any HTML editing software can be used to edit your Allwebco template webpages, however, you will need to edit some template files with a text editor like TextEdit. The header, footer and menu are global javascript (.js) files that when edited update all the pages at one time. Follow the step by step instructions included with your template download.

Note: Templates with jQuery "includes" use HTML pages in the "includes" folder for the global header, menu, footer and sidebar files. See the "help.html" included with your download for the correct support links and info.

The CSS files
Allwebco templates include global css files for fonts, colors, layout elements, padding, margins, etc. There may be a few different css files included for menus, animation, lytebox or other functions. Css files are plain text and can be edited using software as outlined above.

The .js files
Most wysiwyg HTML editors do not work well for editing the template global .js files. A plain text editor as outlined above is the best choice. Optionally make backups of your .js files before you start editing. TextEdit, TextWrangler or any plain text editor should work well for editing template .js files.

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