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After your Allwebco Design web template purchase, you'll be sent to a download webpage with a .zip file link to allow for the download.

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Did not receive download after payment was complete
If you have placed a template order, and did not receive a download, please contact us to request a new download.

File not found error
If you tried the download link and you received a "file not found" error, please contact us to request a new download.

Can not find download on computer
If you have downloaded the template but can not find it on your computer hard drive see can not find template download.

Password does not work
If your username and password do not work, please make sure your "caps lock" button is off and you are using all lower case letters. Then try again. If it still does not work, we may have changed the password since your purchase. In this case, request a new download.

Requesting a new download
You can contact us to request a new template download for any Allwebco Design purchase. See request a new download.

I have downloaded the template, now what?
Once you have downloaded the template you'll need to unzip it and do the steps on the help.html included with the download. See getting started.

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