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Setting up email in cPanel and software

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Configuring email software for cPanel hosting accounts to access emails on a computer. Settings to use for Allwebco cPanel hosting.

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Email cPanel configuration:
To create new email accounts see: email setup.

Email software settings:
Once you've setup an email account in cPanel, next to the email name, you'll see a button that says "More". Click on that. One option will be "Configure Email Client". Click that, and it will give you the settings for your email software.

cPanel email configuration

Note: Do not use the SSL email settings unless you have purchased an SSL certificate with your hosting account. Use the "Non-SSL Settings".

Allwebco hosting older non-cPanel accounts:
Email software configuration for non-cPanel plusmail hosting accounts. Assume your domain is fred.com

smtp = fred.com
pop = fred@fred.com
from = anyname@fred.com
password = the same used for FTP

For more email and cPanel help see Allwebco on-line manual

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