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Minisite web templates support and updates

Sticky Note Minisite Web Templates
Support for Allwebco Minisite web templates. These HTML designs are built for the highest tablet, smartphone and mobile compliance.


Latest Version Info
Info for responsive Minisite RD models that include an icon bar in the menu.

Editing Minisite Menus
Minisite RD models use a mobile "click menu" with an icon bar. Older version Minisites may use a different menu style. See the menu editing section on the help.html included with your template download for the correct support info and links.

Combining Minisites
Any Minisite RD model can be combined with other Minisite RD models. Older versions (01-05) can only be combined with other older 01-05 versions. See: combining minisites.

Minisite "extras" folder
Minisite downloads include an "extras" folder. Inside this folder you will find extra and optional images and buttons plus PSD files, including a logo.PSD, for Photoshop editing.

Minisites RD For MObile

Older Version Info (Non-RD Models)
For non-responsive Minisites (version 01-05 pre-2014) that may include a Flash header. Check the copyright year in your "header.js".

Changing the Flash header logo to black
To use the Minisite black font logo: In the main template folder rename the "logo.swf" to "logo-WHITE.swf". Open the "extras" folder. Copy the "logo-BLACK-LETTERS.swf" and place this in the main template folder. Then rename the "logo-BLACK-LETTERS.swf" to "logo.swf".

If you need more links in your Minisite
You can turn on the "var links" with a "yes" in the "sidebar.js". This will display some text links in your sidebar area.

2005 Update
Any Minisite 01 purchased on or before 12/15/05 will have a corrupt header.js file. If you are not sure about your header you can download this .js file as it is the most current version.

zipDownload Header Update Ministe 01 (.zip)

Download the above file. Unzip the and place the header.js in your template folder overwriting your current header.js file.