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Sticky Note Combining Minisite
Support for Allwebco Minisite web templates. These HTML designs are built for the highest tablet, smartphone and mobile compliance.

This page outlines how to combine pages from one Minisite into another. In most cases this is a simple procedure.

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Combining the templates
In most cases, to combine Minisite pages simply copy over the HTML pages from one Minisite folder into another Minisite folder. Then copy over the images from the one folder into the other Minisite folder.

Example: To copy over the "PDF" page in a Minisite "business" model into a basic model. Copy the "PDFgallery.htm" over and then copy over the "pdf.jpg" and "pdf_icon.png" from the "picts" folder and you'll be set.

Files to copy
Below are some pages that have more than just an HTML page and one image to move.
  1. PDF Page: Copy the PDFgallery.htm and 2 images: pdf.jpg, pdf_icon.gif.
  2. FAQ Page: Copy the faq.htm and faq.js and 2 images: faq.jpg, faq-small.jpg.
  3. Contact Form Page: Copy the "contact.htm" and contact.jpg in the picts folder.
  4. Gallery Page: Copy the "gallery.htm", the "gallery-slideshow.js" and the "gallery" folder.
  5. Slideshows: Copy the "slideshow-home.htm", the 4 slideshow-x.htm pages, the slideshows folder and all files in the JQuery folder.
  6. Shopping Cart: The "Merchant" model is the most involved so it's best to copy other Minisite models into this model.
  7. Other Pages: For most other pages just copy over the .htm page and there may be an image in the "picts" folder to copy over.

It's best to move a simple Minisite into a complex Minisite. Examples:
  • Copy Business model pages into Merchant, Video, Slideshow or Gallery models.
  • Copy other model pages into a Merchant model as Merchant is the most complex.
  • Copy Basic model pages into any other Minisite model.

Editing Minisite Menus
Once the pages are moved or copied you'll want to edit the menu and site map page with the new page links. See the menu editing section on the help.html included with your template download for the correct support info and links.

If the Menu is Full
Here are some options if there is no more room in the menu (for older 01-04 Minisites):
  • Shorten your link names.
  • Add links to other pages on the HTML pages.

Notes on combining 2008 and 2009 Minisites
You can combine 2009 and 2008 models. The best way to do this is to start with the 2009 model, then copy your older 2008 HTML pages and images into the 2009 model. Before you copy a CSS file over, be sure you make a backup of the 2009 CSS file and check all your pages for any CSS discrepancies.