Setting up a Podcast

Podcasting in HTML websites and templates

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Podcasts are live streamed, or pre-recorded, sound distributed across the Internet usually through a website. All you need to start your own Podcast is a microphone hooked to a computer, usually through a USB port and podcasting software.

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About Podcasting
Most podcasts are not done by professional broadcasters, even though large organizations from NPR to National Geographic are offering them. For the most benefit from a Podcast your audio show should be streamed live and be promoted as an event.

Quick start Podcasting
Want to Podcast? The best way is to purchase a Podcasting kit with a USB microphone from any local or on-line music store.

These hardware packages usually include Podcasting software to setup your Podcasts right on your website. Alesis products offer USB microphones that include Podcasting kits. Samson Technologies is another manufacturer of USB microphones and portable podcast recording applications.

Got hardware? Need software?
If you are looking for Podcast software check out the following websites: Apple iTunes Podcast Resources, and ePodcast Creator and also Audacity, free open source software for recording and editing sounds.

Podcast integration with a template
Podcasting can be added to any Allwebco musician website template. Your Podcast software will include instructions for adding sound to your website.

Setup a live Podcast
If you are setting up live Podcasts, see the hardware and software sections above on this page. You will want to check the help and support included with these software and hardware packages to setup your live Podcasts in your website or template.