Translating Your Website Into Other Languages

Language translation for websites and web templates

Sticky Note Language Translation
Any website can be modified to display another language. Editing webpages with another language can be tricky. Allwebco does not provide support for this type of editing, however, the following options may be helpful.

See Instead…

Translating Individual Webpages
If you plan to create a second language website, you'll want to place a copy of your website inside a folder and translate each of your top level webpages. Check the following links to translate by file upload, or by translating one page at a time.
Once translated, you may need to set the language and charset meta tags in your HTML webpages. See: using other language or text characters.

Translator Widgets & Gadgets
Another option, rather than setting up multiple websites in other languages, is to simply add a translater widget to each of your website HTML webpages.

Google Translator Widget
Google offers a free website translator widget plugin (Sample near the top of this page).

Microsoft Bing Translator Widget
Microsoft offers a free translator web widget that can be added to any website or web template. You can edit some colors with this application as in our purple example just above this text. This widget application, once opened, also scrolls with the page.

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