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There is a bug in some versions of Internet Explorer when you download any template and choose "extract all" when unzipping. This bug causes the gallery popups not to work. See solutions below.

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Solution #1: Unzip the template file again
Unzipping in Windows XP, 2000, ME: Find the folder (Example: you have saved to your hard drive. Double click the .zip file. Right click on the folder inside the .zip file (Example: tempT23) and choose copy. Now you can either create a new folder on your hard drive or what many users will do is right click on the Windows desktop and choose "paste". You can now work in this folder right on your desktop. Placing a folder on your desktop is NOT a shortcut, so be sure you do not delete this folder.

Solution #2: Zip up the template again
Another way to fix the upzip issue is to zip up the template again and then unzip it. This method worked in our tests.

Solution #3: Do setup and testing using other browser software
The popups will work fine in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. You can drag your HTML files into these browsers to do the setup and testing. Download Firefox.

Note: Do not unzip the template using "Extract All". Instead be sure you use the method outlined above.

Start editing:
Once your template is unzipped you will need to edit the pages. First thing, find the "help.html" that is included in the download. Follow the step-by-step directions that are included. See the links below for more help and software.

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