Show Multiple Images in a Slideshow or Closeup

Web template support for photo galleries and slideshows

Gallery Multiple Image Views
Support to include multiple image views in your Allwebco template for the slideshow and gallery closeup views. In Signature gallery templates you can add more views in the IFramed pages.

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Multiple images in a slideshow or closeup (Option #1)
Slideshow and gallery pages in Allwebco templates are not setup to show more than a single image. Optionally edit your "Fgallery[X]-[X].jpg" images as a montage to show multiple views.

Montage Image Example

Multiple images for a close up gallery view (Option #2)
Another option to have multiple image views is to purchase the template Image Tour Add-on. This add-on can be used with any website or any Allwebco template. The addon can be added to non-gallery pages, or optionally you can "relink" your gallery images to display the tour popup pages.

Image Tour Add-on

Link to more images (Option #3)
In each gallery page, under your gallery thumbnail image you can add more links. You could have these links link to more gallery images.

Upgrade your template (Option #4)
Allwebco offers many templates that include a set of slideshows that can be used as a product tour. We also offer templates with a jQuery dynamic slideshow application with unique editable text captions and a title for each slide.

If you've already purchased an Allwebco template you can request a template trade-in to upgrade to a different model. Contact us for more info.