Update for Lytebox Templates

Update for 2008 Allwebco Lytebox web templates

Lytebox Gallery Updates
Update for Lytebox web templates purchased before 11/24/08. This update fixes some IE 6.0 problems including slow opening and missing close button and borders. Animation is turned off in the "lytebox.js" in this update.

This update also makes editing color themes, and creating new color themes easier by using a separate .css file for each color theme.

Check if you need this update
For templates purchased before 11/24/08 that include a "lytebox" folder in the download. Check your "header.js" to see your copyright date. Do not use this update if it is later than 2008, or if you have more than one .css file in your "lytebox" folder.

Check your current "lytebox.js". If it includes a note at the top indicating LyteBox v3.22a (or later) you will not need this update.

Download the update
Click the link below to download the update. See the "README-LyteboxV322a.txt" in the zip file to update your Lytebox. This update requires only copying over updated files.

zipUpdate for Allwebco 2008 Lytebox Templates (.zip)

Note: If you have changed any colors in your "lytebox.css" you may want to make a backup copy of your current "lytebox" folder before you do the update so you can copy over your color codes.

Turning on the animation
Once you update you can switch the animation back on in the "lytebox.js" by editing the "this.doAnimations" on line 43 from a false to a true in the "lytebox.js".

Templates that require this update
All templates that include either a Lytebox gallery or tour purchased before 11/24/08.

If you did the update on this page and it is not working: