Gallery or Slideshow Images are Too Big

Web template image viewer configuration

Gallery Popup Sticky Note
After setting up some gallery images in the template, the images appear too large. The slideshow buttons or close button may not be visible in the closeup view or the images appear too big on the gallery pages.

See Instead…

Responsive templates
In responsive Allwebco templates, a max-width may be set for full sized images and the thumbnails may have fixed widths defined. These variables are set in your template .css files in the /* GALLERY PAGES */ section.

If you are trying to make your images larger, the width may be limited by one of the page width, contentwidth or "wrapper" variables in your .css file.

Option 1.) Switch to full browser view
If your template includes popup window style image viewers. In most, but not all, Allwebco templates there is an option in the "pop-closeup.js" to switch from popup views to full browser sized popups. This is called the "viewer" variable. Edit the "pop-closeup.js" and change the following option to "yes"

var viewer =   "no"   // yes = FULL SCREEN, no = POPUP

Notes: Optionally make a backup of the "pop-closeup.js" before you start editing.

Option 2.) Resize the viewer
If you do not have the above exact variable, your "pop-closeup.js" may include other variables or you may have a Lytebox style gallery. See the help.html included with your template download for the correct support info and links. See also editing .js variables.

Option 3.) Resize your images
Gallery pages included with Allwebco web templates may be setup with anywhere from "500 x 333" to "750 x 500" pixel width full sized images that popup, display in a viewer page, or dynamically change on the gallery page. To edit these .jpg images you will need a graphics program. It's possible that your digital camera or scanner came with image editing software. You can also pick up graphics software like "Adobe Photoshop Elements" at Best Buy or For the best results, re-size your images to the height and width as indicated on your template help.html.

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