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Outdated Support for the continuous website music sound frame with a copyright before 2010. This add-on is built into some templates. Your add-on will include a sound_frame folder. See the help.html included with your add-on or template for the correct support links and info.

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Continuous Website Music Sound Frame

About the frame:
View current support info. HTML Frames are used in the continuous soundframe add-on, but will not make your website into a frame site, so this will not have any effect on search engine placement. The application adds the frame when a user clicks on a link for sound at your website. Even if you add the autostart option below, your site will still not be a frame website. If you are using the autostart option, your website will be using a Javascript redirect.

UPDATE MAY 14 2008:
If you have a artA05 or artA06 model, or, if you have setup your template to use the "Sound frame autostart" or the "Safer frame option" listed on this page, you may get an "Error on Page" error in IE. To fix this error: Edit the "soundFRAME-AUTOSTART.htm" and the "soundFRAME-NOSCRIPT.htm". In these 2 pages find and remove this code in one place:


You will only need to do this update if you have downloaded this template before 5/14/08, otherwise your template should already have this update.

Sound frame drawbacks:
In some browsers once a user starts the sound they will no longer be able to set a bookmark or favorite for the individual page, however, you will select the page that is bookmarked in the "soundFRAME.htm" in this application. So your website will still be bookmarked. You can set this page as your website homepage. The second drawback is that once a user opens the sound frame, then goes to another page, if the user hits the refresh button the frame will re-open the page that was open when the sound first started. (The safer frame option below does not have these problems)

Safer frame option:
If you are having problems with the frame you can use the second safer frame option. This option will always load the "index.html" when a user clicks on the "sound" link from any page. In the "pop-closeup.js" edit the "var FrameType" to a 2 instead of a 1. The template will now use the "soundFRAME-NOSCRIPT.htm" for the frameset instead of the "soundFRAME.htm" in the "sound_frame" folder.

How this sound frame works:
When a use clicks on the "sound" link the browser opens the current HTML page and the sound HTML page inside a frame. The frame page will be in your "sound_frame" folder.

The sound pages:
In the "sound_frame" folder you will find pages named "soundSTART.htm" and "soundSONG2.htm" and "soundSONG3.htm". These pages include the code to play the sound. You can edit these pages like any other HTML pages.

The frame page:
The template uses the "soundFRAME.htm" for the frame as the default page to start the sound. This page includes the sizes for the frame and the actual Frameset code. If you use the autostart or safer options on this page then a different frame .htm pages is used. Either the "soundFRAME-AUTOSTART.htm" or the "soundFRAME-NOSCRIPT.htm".

Sound frame autostart:
If you would like the music to start when the website is first loading, make a copy of the "index.html" and name this "index2.html". In your index.html add this code to the BODY tag:


Like the following:

<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#000000" OnLoad="javascript:AutoSoundFrame();">

Edit the "menu.js" and "flash.txt" to link to the index2.html. If you name this page a name other than "index2.html" you can edit the frame link in the "pop-closeup.js".

Move the frame from the bottom to the top of the page:
Make a folder inside the "sound_frame" folder. Name this "soundFRAME-DEFAULT". Move the 7 .htm pages in the "sound_frame" folder into this folder. Copy the 7 files in the "soundFRAME-TOP" folder into the "sound_frame" folder. Test the sound link on any template page.

Make the frame area larger:
Depending on the options you chose above you will edit either the "soundFRAME.htm" (default) or the "soundFRAME-AUTOSTART.htm" (autostart option) or the "soundFRAME-NOSCRIPT.htm" (safe option). In this frame page find and edit "frameset rows="*,38". Edit the 38 to change the music frame size.

Sound frame colors and fonts:
Edit the "sound_frame.css" in the "sound_frame" folder to change these fonts or background colors.

Images in the sound frame pages:
All images for the sound frame pages are in the "sound_frame" folder.

Replacing the mp3 sound files:
You can replace the "sound-1.mp3" 2 and 3 in the "sound_frame" with your own mp3 files with the same names by overwriting these files.

Editing song titles:
In the "sound_frame" folder edit the "soundSTART.htm" or the "soundSONG2.htm" or the "soundSONG3.htm" with your new song titles. These are edited like any other template HTML page.

Adding another sound page:
In the "sound_frame" folder: Edit the "next" link in the "soundSONG3.htm" from "soundSTART.htm" to "soundSONG4.htm" instead. Make a copy of the "soundSONG3.htm" and name it "soundSONG4.htm". Edit the "soundSONG4.htm" and change the song title text. Find and edit "sound-3.mp3" in 2 places (Two places!!) with your new mp3 file name. Place your new mp3 file in the "sound_frame" folder. Do not use spaces in your new mp3 file name and remember that hosting is case sensitive so be sure the code you edit and the mp3 file name are exactly the same.

What else can I do with the sound frame?
The sound pages are HTML pages, you can add text, links, images, video, tours, Flash or anything else you want. You can make the frame as large as you want and change the frame colors.

Making links that close the sound frame:
You may need to have a link or order button or form close the frame. To do this add a target="_top" to the link or form. See the target links support page for more options.

Be sure to TEST!
If you make any changes, rename any pages, add any pages then be sure to test bookmark one of your pages. Be sure to test all links in the soundframe and be sure to test in IE and Firefox or Netscape browsers.

Allwebco continuous sound frame code has been tested in and is compatible in Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera browsers.

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