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Support and updates for the xmp3mini music player built-into select Allwebco Sounds website templates.

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Built-in xmp3mini files
If your template includes an "xmp3Player-mini" folder, you have the xmp3mini player built into your template. This built-in version is the exact same application as our xmp3mini add-on. You can check the xmp3mini add-on support page to see how to change player options.

Differences from the add-on
In your "xmp3Player-mini" folder you will see 2 HTML pages. "player-stopped.htm" and "player-play.htm". These pages are embedded in all the samples pages using an IFrame. For example, when a site user clicks a play button in your "samples1.htm" the IFrame changes the page from the "player-stopped.htm" to the "player-play.htm". You should not edit these HTML pages.

EXAMPLE: Adding another sample to the "samples1.htm"
To add a 13th mp3 to the "samples1.htm" page. Copy all the code between the two "TRACK 1-12" notes. Paste it below itself. Edit this area and replace 12 with 13 in 4 total places. Place an mp3 named "song1-13.mp3" in the "samples" folder.

To change the player color
Edit the player-xmp3.js to change player color. You will not edit the mp3 to play in this file. Also see the xmp3mini add-on support page.

Adding another samples page
  1. Make a copy of the "samples1.htm". Name this page "samples5.htm"
  2. Edit the "samples5.htm". Replace "1-" with "5-" in 48 places. You can use search and replace and replace all.
  3. Place 12 mp3s named "song5-1.mp3" through "song5-12.mp3" in the samples folder.
  4. Test the samples in the "samples5.htm".
  5. Edit the "sidebar.js" and you can add a link to your new samples page in the "Mp3 samples" area that now lists 4 samples pages.
  6. Add a link to this page in the "site_map.htm".
  7. Edit the "next" link in the "samples4.htm" to link to "samples5.htm".
  8. Edit the "next" link in the "samples5.htm" to link to "samples1.htm".

Autostart and optional files (Advanced users)
In the "xmp3Player-mini" folder are files named "OPTIONAL-player-1.js" and "OPTIONAL-player-play.htm". These files are not used in the template. These can be used if you want to:

A. Add an xmp3mini player to another page.
B. Have a samples page play the first track when opened.

Add a miniplayer to any other page
EXAMPLE: add this code to any template HTML page:

<iframe name="mp3player" src="xmp3Player-mini/OPTIONAL-player-play.htm" width="141" height="17" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no"></iframe><br>

Edit the "OPTIONAL-player-play.js" to change the mp3 to play.

Samples page autostart
To have the mp3 sound start when a samples page is opened, you can:
  1. In the "xmp3Player-mini" folder.
  2. Make a copy of the "OPTIONAL-player-1.js" and name it "samplesauto1.js".
  3. Make a copy of the "OPTIONAL-player-play.htm" and name it "samplesauto1.htm".
  4. Edit the "samplesauto1.htm". Change "OPTIONAL-player-1.js" to "samplesauto1.js".
  5. In the main template folder, open the "samples1.htm". Find and edit the "MP3 FLASH PLAYER TABLE". Edit "player-stopped.htm" and change that to "samplesauto1.htm".
  6. Open and test the "samples1.htm".
  7. See the xmp3mini add-on support page for more options.