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Video display options in HTML webpages

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Integrating video directly into a website has become more complicated due to different formats supported by different web browsers and devices, as well as Apple Corporation's lack of support for Flash video in devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Device and Browser Video Options
If you would like to embed video directly on your webpages, here are some of the options along with issues and drawbacks with each option.

  • Direct Video Links:
    The easiest way to add video to any website is to use a text link to the video file. Mp4 saved as H.264 is the most popular format and works on Mac, PC and mobile devices. See support for adding links.

  • HTML5 Video: (best option) | HTML5 video support
    Embedding HTML5 video is gaining popularity as an alternative to Flash video, however, 3 to 5 video file types are needed to be viewable in all the popular web browser software: mp4, m4v, ogv, webm and for backwards compatibility in non-HTML5 browsers a wmv or Flash swf with fallback code should be included. See video support for code to add to webpages for HTML5 video.

  • Add-On Application: (best option)
    The Allwebco HTML5 Video Player Addon works with any type of website, on HTML5 sites as well as HTML 4.01 and XHTML websites.

  • YouTube Video: (best option)
    See YouTube support. YouTube allows anyone to upload videos that are automatically then coded for viewing in most web browsers and mobile devices. YouTube code can be added to any website or web template. See the YouTube website to setup an account. A possible disadvantage is that YouTube may automatically add commercials to your videos on your website. See embed a YouTube video at Google support.

  • HTML5/Flash Video:
    This will give you the highest compatibility, however, you will need to create 3 video files, mp4, ogv and swf as well as code to detect what a web browser can play. You will need to purchase conversion software. Search at Google for "HTML Flash video player".

  • Flash Video:
    once the most popular video option, this application is now in decline because of poor support from Apple on their mobile devices.

  • HTML 4.01 Video:
    Older HTML video code still works at this time, using wmv for Windows and mov or mp4 for Mac and mobile video. See the video support page for code and options.

  • Custom Order: (best option)
    Allwebco offers to create a custom YouTube, HTML5 or HTML 4.01 video page for any website or web template for a reasonable fee. Contact us if you would like to order a custom video page. See image below for an example.

"Bizzy-DM" Website Template Youtube Video Page Example:
Allwebco Video Page

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