Integrating a Guestbook

Adding website applications and scripts

Guestbook applications
A guestbook can be integrated into any website or Allwebco template and linked to from the menu and the HTML webpages. Your hosting company may offer this type of script in your control panel.

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Allwebco cPanel guestbook
If you have an Allwebco hosting account you can install a guestbook in your cPanel control panel under "Softaculous" or "Fantastico De Luxe" or under "applications". There are a number of choices available. Follow the instructions in your control panel and refer to the support included with each app. Once you have completed the installation and setup, you can add links leading to the guestbook in the template "menu.js" or on any of the template html pages.

With other hosting
Your hosting company may provide a free guestbook script. Check in your control panel under applications or scripts, or contact your hosting support to see what they have available.

A large number of free guestbook services and scripts are available. Try some searches for "free guestbook" at Google, Bing or Yahoo!

Embed the guestbook into a webpage
Rather than just linking to your guestbook, you may be able to add (embed) the guestbook into one of the HTML pages using an IFrame. This may not work with all guestbooks though. Be sure to do some testing after you do the IFrame setup.

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