Menu or Sidebar Has Disappeared

Website template menu or .js file not showing

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This can be either on-line or on your local hard drive. You have done an edit in the menu.js or sidebar.js and now that item is no longer appearing on the page. This is usually for one of the reasons listed below.

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Areas Missing Only On Mobile:
The information below is for missing areas on template pages on all devices and computers. If the missing problem is on mobile devices only, see Areas Missing On Mobile Devices.

Possible problem #1 (Mega Menus):
If your template uses jQuery includes (you will have an "includes" folder in your download), see "Troubleshooting" on the jQuery includes support page.

Possible problem #2:
You have edited your .js file with an HTML editor like Frontpage or Dreamweaver. Only edit .js files with a plain text editor like Notepad. If you do not have a backup of this file or do not still have the downloaded .zip file with the original file you may need to request a new download for this file.

Possible problem #3:
You have used a ' in the menu or sidebar. You can not use a ' unless you put a backslash in front of that like this \'. See example below:

Menu Example

Possible problem #4:
You have put a line break in the .js file by accident. First, uncheck "Word Wrap" in Notepad under the "Format" menu. To solve this problem, in most cases, simply backspace to remove the line break. Only in a few cases will you add the code mentioned below.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to turn off "Word Wrap".
Menu Example 2

Make sure every line has document.write(' at the start of the line, and '); at the end of each line. Add this code if needed.

Possible problem #5:
If this error is only in IE see Header and menu not working only in IE

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