Fading Image Edges

Web template support for image editing

Sticky Note Fade Image
Some templates may include images that are faded to a background color on one side. When you replace the template images you may want to edit your images with this fade effect.

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Allwebco uses Photoshop for editing images, but most any graphics software will work. It is possible that your digital camera or scanner came with image editing software. You can also pick up the novice Adobe software called "Photoshop Elements" at any computer store, Best Buy, Amazon.com or on ebay.

Fading the image
Open your image in your graphics editing software. Create a new layer. On the new layer select a box on the edge as shown below. Find the "feather tool". In our example we used 15 pixels for the feather so feather your left edge 15 pixels. Select your fill tool and fill the area with your fade color. In our example the fill color is white.

Fading Images

Flatten the layers and save your image.

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