Setup Mp3 Samples Pages

Setting up music in Allwebco templates

Support for Allwebco musician web templates. See the help.html included with your template download for the correct support links and setup info.
Musician Website Templates

Replacing the mp3 files
Replace the mp3 music files located in the template "sounds" or "samples" folder. See your template help.html for details on replacing the mp3s.

Editing the "player" page
In the "sounds" or "samples" folder you will find the "player-home.htm". This page can be edited using any HTML editor but a plain text editor like Notepad will work best for adding and removing player options. It is best to edit only the "player-home.htm" and not the other HTML pages in the "sounds" or "samples" folder. Be sure to make a backup of this page before you start editing.

Removing players
When editing the "player-home.htm" in a plain text editor you will see notes for each of the 5 player/download options. Delete the code between the notes to remove a player option. For example, if you are removing the "download" option delete the code between the "START DOWNLOAD LINK" notes in this page. Be sure to make a backup of this page before you start editing.

Adding players
Other players can be added to the "player-home.htm", however, Allwebco does not support the addition of other players at this time.

Player size options
You will find some .js files in the "sounds" folder. If you would like to adjust the height and width of the mp3 players you can edit the variables at the top of each of these .js files.

Player popup window options
You will find options for the player popup window in your template "pop-closeup.js". You can edit the popup height and width as well as the style of popup in this file. See the notes at the top of the "pop-closeup.js".

Using the sounds or samples pages for video
You can edit any samples page to display video or YouTube videos using a copy of any "sound.htm" or "samples.htm" page. This is only an outline and is recommended for more experienced users. Samples pages carry a variable of the mp3 file name into the popup window using a Javascript in the "pop-closeup.js".
  1. Create a new folder in your template folder and name this folder "videos". Copy the 6 to 8 files in the "sounds" or "samples" folder that start with "player-" into your new video folder.
  2. Make a copy of the "pop-closeup.js" and name this copy "pop-video.js".
  3. Edit the "pop-video.js" and search and replace "sounds" with "videos" in 3 places.
  4. Make a copy of the "sound-1.htm" or "samples1.htm" page and call this "video1.htm".
  5. Edit the new "video1.htm" page and change the line near the top to call the pop-video.js instead of the pop-closeup.js.
  6. Delete the "player-flash.js" in the "videos" folder.
  7. In the "videos" folder edit the "player-home.htm" and remove the Flash player area.
  8. Place your video files in the "videos" folder.
  9. Code in the "player-html5.js" must be changed from audio code to video code.
  10. You can edit the player sizes by editing the .js files in your "videos" folder to properly fit your movies.
  11. In the new "video1.htm" page find the .mp3 links. Example: find "song1-1.mp3" and change these to link to your .wmv, .mpg, .mpeg, .mov or any other video file you are using.
  12. Open the menu.js and add a link to the "video1.htm"
  13. If you are using YouTube video, you would change code only in the "player-home.htm" to use YouTube embed code using the variable from the samples page to carry the embed link code from YouTube.