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Outdated: Support for Allwebco templates that were purchased on or before 11/30/03. Refer to your template help.html for setup info and links for your template model.
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Update details:
Older Sounds templates only had a single player option in the pop-up. This update will add a choice of 4 streaming players. Flash, Realaudio, Quicktime and the Microsoft Media Player. This update also adds a slideshow button in the gallery pop-ups.

Adding the update is free and simple and it will overwrite only one file so as not to disturb any editing you have done. The file it will overwrite is the pop-closeup.js. NO OTHER file should be disturbed.

Steps to update your template:
Choose the correct update from the zip file downloads below. Once downloaded, read the readme-UPDATE.txt for complete instructions.

Warning: This update is only for models purchased before 11/30/03. If you have done any editing in your "pop-closeup.js" file be sure to back that up before you update.

Click here to update a Sounds 102 StudioJet (Black)

Click here to update a Sounds 103 Refraction (White)

Click here to update a Sounds 104 DrumKit (Blue)

Click here to update a Sounds 105 Starburst (Red)

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