Alternate Formmail Scripts

Form and contact page setup

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Script options for setting up the contact page in Allwebco web templates.

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1.) The nms project script
If you are having trouble with formmail, or your hosting company does not allow the use of "" or "formmail.cgi" due to security issues you can either ask your hosting company to provide a contact script, or you can download the nms formmail drop-in replacement.
All support for this script is provided by The nms Project. This is not a script supported by Allwebco Design.

Notes: If it is the script name that your hosting has a problem with, even when using the alternate nms script, you can rename the NMS "" to any other name and edit your contact.htm page with the new script name in the <form> line.

Notes: Other than using the nms formmail drop-in replacement script from the above download, and the .pl script editing (shown below on this page), you'll still do the other steps as outlined on the Formmail setup support page.

Notes: We have tested the nms formmail drop-in replacement and had no issues when setting up this script. Be sure to edit your domain and your e-mail as well in the referers section of this script. Then CHMOD 755 this script.

NMS Script Visual

2.) The Form2email script
The form2email script has been recommended by one of our clients as a more secure alternate to the standard formmail script. This script has not been tested by Allwebco and we do not provide support for this script. See Contact and Quote Form Advanced Script.