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Files used in Allwebco web templates

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There are different types of files to edit when you're setting up your Allwebco template. Below is a brief description of how they work.

For details on editing each of the file types listed below, see the help.html included with your template download. Links to support pages specific to your template model are included on the help page.

Allwebco Bizzy-DM DLX Website Template Example

.html and .htm pages | Editing Software
These are the main webpages (index.html, about.htm) and contain the text and code for your pages as well as the code for images, video, scripts and more. Edit these files in an HTML editor or a plain text editor.

Htm pages are also used for jQuery includes in templates that contain an "includes" folder.

.css files | CSS Editing
This are the style sheets for your website. Edit font colors and sizes globally for all HTML pages in this file. Css files also include layout widths, heights, margins, padding and more. Edit these files in Notepad or a plain text editor. Templates may contain multiple css files for the webpages, the menu, jQuery animation as well as other areas.

In color theme templates .css files will be in your "colors" sub-folder and the colortheme.css file (to set the global colors to use) will be in the top level template folder. See Colortheme Color Change Templates.

The media-queries.css is for mobile layout changes only and usually will not contain any color code. It will include font sizes, element widths, margins and padding for viewing on smartphone and/or tablet screens. See Media Queries Responsive CSS Code.

.js files | .js File Details
.js files are javascript files used for the header, footer, sidebar and menus. These files need to be edited in Notepad or a plain text editor.

Other .js files may include a "search.js" a "social-links.js" a "watermark.js" and others specific to your template model.

See the help.html included with your download for details on .js files used in your template.

Image files (.jpg .gif .png) | Image Editing
Images in the template are located in the "picts" or "gallery" folders. Images used in the jQuery may be located in the "jQuery" folder. Images for the Flash may be in the "flash" folder. See your template help.html for more details on image editing.

.gif images are usually used for template colors like backgrounds and menu buttons. .png files are usually used for areas that need a transparent background like shading under text, button gradients, or for logo images layered over photo backgrounds. .jpg images are used for photos and backgrounds.

jQuery files | jQuery Animation
jQuery is the animation that may be included on the homepage, or in some animated slideshows. All files will be in the jQuery folder including images and .js Javascript files. See your help.html to see if you have any jQuery animation and how to edit these areas.

jQuery is a library of Javascript functions and is part of the Javascript standards.

missing.html | View Details
This page is included to display an error page for 404 not found errors on your website. You can custom edit this page.

.PSD files (Photoshop)
These files can be found in the "extras" folder and are used for editing in Adobe Photoshop software. They may not work in Photoshop Elements.

.txt files (Flash) | Flash Details
There is only one .txt file used with Allwebco templates. The flash.txt controls the text that is used in the Flash animation. Edit this file in Notepad.

.swf files (Flash) | Flash Animation
This is the Flash file used to generate the actual animation on the webpages. It is not editable but should be uploaded with your other template files.

.fla files (Flash) | Flash Animation
You will find these files in the "flash" folder included in your template download. This is the source file for the Flash animation. If you would like to change the speed, font colors, sizes or add a graphic or more animation to the Flash, you will need to edit this file. This file is not used on the template pages. It is only for editing the Flash source.

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