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Adobe Flash Support
Flash animation used in Allwebco templates is linked to the "flash.txt". Editing this file allows you to change the logo, slogan and phrase text. Edit the "flash.txt" using a plain text editor like Notepad or TextEdit on Mac.

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Note: Allwebco Design can custom edit your Flash header and animated slideshow fonts and colors. Please contact custom design services for details and pricing.

Files used in Flash animations
There are 4 types of files used for Allwebco template Flash animations:
  • .fla file: This file is the program source file. This file can be found in your "flash" folder and must be edited using Adobe Flash software (version MX (2004) or higher).
  • .swf file: This file is the webpage embedded animation file and must be uploaded with the template for the animation to work.
  • flash.txt: This file is used to control the text content, it can not be used to change font colors or style. You can also not add additional lines unless you edit the .fla source file and add more variables.
  • .js files: Contains the HTML and Javascript code that runs the Flash animation on the webpages. Files may be named: header.js, sidebar.js, imagechanger.js or intro.js.

Changing font colors, face or size
Edit the .fla source file in the flash folder. See Flash editing details.

Special characters
To add special characters like a &, ©, ® or to the Flash logo see: hex characters.

Using your own .swf file
If you have created, or purchased, a Flash or Swish animation you would like to replace the default template Flash .swf file with see: using a different .swf in the Flash.

Other Flash options
See links in the sidebar on this page.

Flash errors
Solving Flash errors after editing the flash.txt
Flash missing and other Flash errors

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