Password Protected Allwebco Templates

Designs that include a user login area

Sticky Note Protected Areas
Support for Allwebco templates that include a password protected area built into the design. Your website template download will include a folder named protected-area.

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About these templates
Password protected template models are discontinued and no longer available.

Changing the password
Allwebco protected templates us a basic javascript password system. To change the password, open the window-login.htm in Notepad or HTML view and find the following code near the top of the page:


function TheLogin() {

var password = 'music';

This type of protection is not considered secure and some users can find your password.

Making the protected folder more secure
You can optionally add a protected directory in your hosting control panel, or you can install a login script.

See the Advanced Login Scripts support page for some recommended applications.

To add secure protection through hosting, you will need to have a hosting account with password protection options. Check in your hosting control panel for this application. This option is included in all Allwebco hosting packages.

Adding a secure folder with Allwebco hosting
  1. Upload your template to your hosting area.
  2. Login to your control panel at "". Choose "Site Manager". Select the folder on the left named "protected-area" with the radio button. Select the "Protect" button at the bottom. Enter your username and password and select "Add User".
  3. Now you must edit the template links. In your menu.js, change the "Login" link to go to "" instead of "window-login.htm". Do the same for the "menu_windows.js" and the "window-welcome.htm" if you have those files.

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