Setting Up a Second Sidebar

Multiple and different Allwebco template sidebars

Sticky Note Adding Sidebars
Most Allwebco web templates use a single global file for the sidebar. The sidebar.js or sidebar.htm. In some cases you may want to have one or more pages with a different sidebar. This is fairly simple to set up.

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Adding a second sidebar
  1. Make a copy of the "sidebar.js". Call it "sidebar-2.js". In some web templates this will be a "sidebar.htm" instead. Name the copy "sidebar-2.htm" (the sidebar file may be in the template includes folder).
  2. Open the HTML webpage that you want to have different sidebar on. Search for "sidebar.js" or "sidebar.htm". This will only appear once inside the page. Edit it so it says "sidebar-2.js" or "sidebar-2.htm". Save the HTML page.
  3. Edit the "sidebar-2.js" or "sidebar-2.htm" with your different content.
  4. Open the HTML page you edited in your web browser. It should be updated with your new sidebar file.

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