Setting Up The IFrame Sidebar

Sidebar editing in Allwebco web templates

Sticky Note Sidebar html Editing
Support for the sidebar.htm using an IFrame included with some templates. See the help.html included with your template download for the correct support links and setup info for your sidebar file(s). Your template download will not have the sidebar.htm inside an "includes" folder.

See Instead…

This support page is not for templates that have an "includes" folder or a "sidebar.js". See links in the sidebar on this page.

If your template includes a "sidebar.htm" edit this page the same way you would as if you were editing any other template HTML page. Some templates may include a "sidebar-left.htm" or "sidebar-right.htm" or both.

IFrame height, width & colors:
In multi-color theme style website templates you will find the sidebar style options in your css color theme files in the "colors" folder (example: blue.css). Options will be in the /* SIDEBAR OPTIONS */ section in the css files.

In some templates "SIDEBAR OPTIONS" may be in the style.css, coolstyle.css or corporatestyle.css.

Notes: There may be code for both left and right sidebar files in the css file. Some templates include both a sidebar.htm as well as sidebar .js files (see links in sidebar on this page).

CSS code to edit for sidebar frame sizes:
In your template css file edit the .sidebar-frame or .sidebar-frame-right style code to adjust sidebar sizes. Check the entire "SIDEBAR OPTIONS" section in your CSS file for heights and widths. You may need to edit the height to fit more contents. Editing the width is not recommended.

Css class names .sb-widthL and .sb-heightL may be used for the sidebar width and height.

  • For cut-off text see: sidebar not displaying all items.
  • Some items not visible in the sidebar area: Perhaps you are using an image or element that is too wide for the sidebar. Try making your sidebar image smaller. Shorten really long link names. Use smaller text for long titles.
  • Some items not visible in the sidebar area: Perhaps your sidebar IFrame is too short in height. See section above.
  • Some items not visible in the sidebar area: Perhaps you are not editing the correct CSS code for the correct sidebar height or width. You may have a right and left sidebar. See section above.
  • Some items not visible in the sidebar area: Your HTML editor is adding fixed widths in pixels to the div or table code in the "sidebar.htm" page. You may need to remove the width code in the HTML using a plain text editor.
  • Other pages opening in the sidebar: See: target links support.

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