Thumbnail Loading Problems

Website template support for image gallery problems

Gallery Image Problems
Support for thumbnail images not properly, or partly loading in HTML website template gallery webpages.

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Not all the time, but in some instances, the gallery thumbnail images will only half load. This is usually corrected by a refresh. Solutions, as outlined below, may not be recommended in some responsive web templates.

This happens most notably when using some versions of the Internet Explorer browser in Windows. The reason is that there is an error in certain versions of windows that causes the thumbnails to load incorrectly if the picture sizes are not defined.

Find the following lines of code in your gallery pages (code may differ in different templates):

<img src="gallery/gallery1-1.jpg" class="Galborder" alt="Image 1-1">

Add height and width code as shown below in red. You'll need to know the sizes of each of your thumbnails. If all your thumbs are the same size you can do this in Notepad as a search and replace and add the code more quickly.

<img src="gallery/gallery1-1.jpg" class="Galborder" width="130" height="87" alt="Image 1-1">

To use "search and replace", search for:


...and replace with:

class="Galborder" width="130" height="87"

Note: Although you can edit the images with fixed widths as outlined above, this may cause problems with images flexing in size in responsive design templates.

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