Fixing Slow Loading Webpages

Website template load problems and solutions

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Slow loading webpages may happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the exact cause.

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Webpages loading slowly
Poor loading speeds may be caused by slow hosting, bloaty or poorly made scripts, too many or too large images, missing elements, or errors in the css or html code.

Tip: Open your slow loading webpage on-line and look at the status bar at the bottom of the browser. It may indicate the element name that is having problems loading.

  1. PROBLEM: Slow hosting. This may be a problem on only one day or perhaps this is a more serious hosting problem.

    A. Perhaps wait a day to see if this changes.
    B. Contact your hosting company to have them check your account.
    C. Switch to Allwebco Hosting.

  2. PROBLEM: Large images. You may not have made you images as small as possible or you saved them at high quality.

    A. Make your images smaller in pixel size.
    B. Save your .jpg images at a lower quality.
    C. Be sure your images are really the size displayed on the pages.
    D. Try your images as a .gif or as a .jpg to compare the sizes.
    E. Check your page speed at Pagespeed Insights.

  3. PROBLEM: Too many graphics.

    A. Try removing some of the images on the pages.
    B. Make your images smaller.

  4. PROBLEM: Items missing. Perhaps you have not uploaded all the page areas. If any are missing this may slow a site down.

    A. Check your pages in other browser software and view the status bar.
    B. See: finding & fixing webpage errors.

  5. PROBLEM: Bad scripts, Flash, links or applications. If you have added 3rd party items like scripts or widgets to your webpages this may cause problems.

    A. Test each script individually for speed.
    B. Find another version of the script you are using.
    C. A linked banner or graphic from another site may cause speed problems.
    D. Remove the scripts one at a time in a test page to see what script is causing the page loading issue.

  6. PROBLEM: Bad HTML code. You may have an HTML error on a page.

    A. Check your pages for HTML errors. See: finding & fixing webpage errors.

  7. PROBLEM: Large Flash files. The Flash files included in Allwebco templates have the entire font set embedded in the files. If you changed a font but not all the fonts this may add a second embedded font. The average .swf logo file will be around 35k in size.

    A. Be sure you use only one font style if you have edited the .fla files.
    B. Un-link the flash.txt and hard code the text in the Flash. Details.
    C. Have Allwebco hard code this for you for a $12.00 charge.
    D. Use the graphic logo option included in all template models.

    Note: Hard coding the text into the Flash may reduce the file size as much as 70%.

Testing the speed
You can check your page speed at Pagespeed Insights.

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