Frontpage Tutorial

FrontPage editing, uploading and website setup

Microsoft FrontPage Tutorial
Allwebco templates were created in a plain text editor, however they can be edited using Microsoft FrontPage software. Some files need to be edited in a plain text editor like Notepad. Because the templates were created to be used with any HTML editor, they do not contain proprietary files specifically used by FrontPage. HTML5 and responsive webpages can be edited.

Tutorial provided by MADGIG.COM

Part #5: FP Help Links
The following are a few links about FrontPage that will help you.

FrontPage and HTML5 Editing
Microsoft FrontPage software can be used to edit HTML5 webpages, as well as responsive webpages if you set the "Preserve Existing html" under "Page Options" to on. Caution should be used when re-sizing page elements, altering the page layout or adding new elements.

For more info see FrontPage Editing

Note: Keep in mind that this is old software that was developed before HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web design (RWD) even existed. Use care while editing to avoid disturbing any of the newer HTML and CSS code.

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