StudioGray and LTStudio Drop Menu Updates

For Javascript drop down menu templates

Pinned Note Javscript drop menu update
Outdated: This support page contains outdated information for Allwebco templates that are copyright dated before 2008 only. Refer to your template help.html for links to the correct menu editing support pages.

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Copyright 2008 and older drop menu update
Copyright dates are indicated in the template "header.js". Refer to your template help.html for the support links to the specific menus included with your template download.

Note: This update is NOT for css drop menus. If your template includes either a "menu.css", "menu-drop.css" or "menu-styles.css" or a "css" or "colors" folder see links in the sidebar on this page.

Note: If you added any new window links to your drop menu at any time, you must do the update on this page, then do step #1 on the drop menu new window links support page.

Update details:
This update fixes javascript drop menus that stay open in IE 9.0, 8.0 and do not "pop open" properly. This update includes an optional multi-level (Also called a "3rd level") menu sample. This update changes the coding on the drop menus to use CSS for the menus and includes a new help page.

Templates that require this update:
StudioGray and LTStudio templates with and without Paypal carts. For both regular and NC models. Please see the notes below.

1: If your template includes a menu.css then you have CSS drop menus and you will NOT need this update. Click here for CSS menu help.

2: If you see this note at the top of your "menu.js"; "Begin CSS Vertical Menu - menu ver 3.2 2008" you will NOT need this update.

3: If your "Studio" model was purchased before 6/9/08 you will need this update unless the notes above are true.

Download the Update:
Click on the link below for your template model to download this menu update. See the "Readme-2008UPDATE.TXT" in this zip file to update your menus.

zipDrop menu update for StudioGray and StudioGrayNC (.zip)

zipDrop menu update for LTStudio and LTStudioNC (.zip)

Note: If you have changed your template colors you may want to be sure to make backup copies of your current template files before you start this update so you can copy over your color codes and files.

If you did the update on this page and your drop menu is not working:

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