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Sticky Note Flash XML Unlimited
If you have this website application your download will include a folder named XML-Changer-UL. See the help.html included with your template or addon for the correct support links and setup info.

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Update: jQuery Slideshow Add-on: The jQuery Cycle Slideshow application is available to download. This application can be used to replace the unlimited or single XML changer addon. See: jQuery Cycle slideshow for the the download.

Speed, slide order and variables:
Edit the "set?.xml" in the "XML-Changer-UL" folder by dragging this file into Notepad to change the XML variables. See the notes in this XML file for options. Click below for visual.


Adding new slides:
There is no limit on the number of slides you can add. Edit the "set?.xml" by dragging this file into Notepad to add new slides. Place your new slide .jpg images in your "XML-Changer-UL" folder. Click below for visual.


Adding another changer:
3 changer samples are included. You can add an unlimited number of changers to your website. Follow these steps to add a 4th changer:
  1. In the "XML-Changer-UL" folder make a copy of the "set1.js". Name it "set4.js".
  2. Make a copy of the "set1.xml". Name it "set4.xml".
  3. Create a folder named "set4" in the "XML-Changer-UL" folder and place your new images in this folder.
  4. Name your new images "image1.jpg" through "image10.jpg".
  5. Edit the "set4.xml". Edit the image folder name from "set1" to "set4" in 10 places.
  6. Edit the "set4.js". Edit the name of the XML file to use. Find "set1.xml" near the top and change it to "set4.xml".
  7. Do the steps on your "XML-help-Changer-UL.html" and use "set4.js" instead of "set1.js" in the code.

If you do the steps on your "XML-Changer-UL.html" and the changer is not working:
  1. Try doing the steps on the "XML-Changer-UL.html" again from the start.
  2. Your .jpg images may be saved incorrectly. Try re-saving your images.
  3. Your "XML-Changer-UL" folder does not exist or is named incorrectly. Check this folder and rename it if necessary, or create it if needed.
  4. You are testing the wrong HTML page that you added the code to.
  5. You are editing on-line files instead of files on your hard drive.
  6. You have not used ALL the code from the sample pages in the download. Redo step #2 on your "XML-Changer-UL.html".
  7. You have an error in the sidebar.js or menu.js file. Click for help.
  8. If you have uploaded: Remember that hosting areas are case sensitive. Be sure all file and link names match exactly.
  9. NOTE: Always make backup files and test after each edit before you go to another edit. You can always delete your backups later.

Changer sticks on one image or is blank:
This will usually be caused by one of the following problems:
  • One image is missing that is listed in the "set?.xml" file. Check that all images listed in the "set?.xml" are named correctly and are in their proper folders, and that all images are saved properly as non-progressive .jpg images.
  • The "set?.xml" is set to random and one image is just repeating. Try changing to "sequential" in the "set?.xml" and test that all images are working and the XML changer goes all the way through all images. Then set this back to random.
  • A folder or .js file is named incorrectly.
  • A .js file or .xml file is edited with the wrong image names or folder name.
  • An image is saved incorrectly. Try re-saving your images.

Flash errors:
Solving Flash errors after editing the flash.txt
Solving other Flash errors

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