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For Javascript drop down menu templates

Pinned Note Javscript drop menu update
Outdated: This support page contains outdated information for Allwebco templates that are copyright dated before 2007 only. Refer to your template help.html for links to the correct menu editing support pages.

See Instead…
  • Check links in sidebar on this page

Copyright 2007 and older drop menu update
Copyright dates are indicated in the template "header.js". Refer to your template help.html for the support links to the specific menus included with your template download.

Note: This update is NOT for css drop menus. If your template includes either a "menu.css", "menu-drop.css" or "menu-styles.css" or a "css" or "colors" folder see links in the sidebar on this page.

Note: If you added any new window links to your drop menu at any time, you must do the update on this page, then do step #1 on the drop menu new window links support page.

IE 9.0, 8.0, 7.0 details:
The javascript drop menus stay open in IE 9.0, 8.0, 7.0 and do not "pop open" properly.

Templates that require this update:
Chrome color change templates DO NOT require this update. This update is only for Allwebco "T27d" javascript drop menus and also for the OSnine models. This update is for the following models: Butterfly, Fields, ExecBlue, ExecBurgundy, ExecJade, ExecTech, ExecPsych, ExecMed, LakeShore, OSnine. You will need this update for all "non-chrome" drop menu "Deluxe" models as well.

Does my menu need this update?
Any Allwebco template listed above purchased before June 3rd 2007 will need this update. To check your menu version: Open your menu.js and find this note at the top of this file "MENU VER 2.0 IE 7.0 COMPATIBLE". If you have this note you will need this update for IE 9.0. If your template includes a "menu.css" or a folder named "css" you will NOT need this update. This update is not required for any "chrome" or CSS drop menu template.

Update Step #1:
Make a backup copy of your menu.js. Open your menu.js in Notepad or any plain text editor. Copy and paste the following code near the top of your menu.js.

Step #2:
Find the following 3 lines in your menu.js about half way down and delete these 3 lines and ALL lines after this code all the way to the end of your menu.js

// ----------------------------------------------------------------
// YOU DO NOT NEED TO EDIT BELOW THIS LINE 2003 (or 2006) Allwebco Design
// ----------------------------------------------------------------

Be sure you remove the above lines and everything after these lines in your menu.js.

Step #3:
Select all the code below by clicking in the box below and right clicking and choosing "select all". Right click in the box again and choose "copy". All text should still be highlighted when you do this. In your menu.js choose "paste" to paste this code at the bottom of your menu.js.

Note: If you have an OSnine model do NOT use this code. Instead click here for OSnine menu code.

Step #4:
Test your template in as many browsers as you have available. You can download Firefox for testing as well.

If you did the update on this page and your drop menu is not working:

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