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Support for Flash slideshows in Allwebco templates

Sticky Note Flash Slideshow
If you have this application your template will include a slideshows folder and will include a file called slideshow1.xml inside the folder. See the help.html included with your template or addon download for the correct support links and setup info.

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Details: This slideshow displays .jpg images with text captions and will look similar to the following example (with a counter and captions) on your Allwebco web template pages.

XML Flash Slideshow

Setup the first slide image and caption:
In the "slideshows" folder edit or replace the "Fslide1-1.jpg" with your image. Edit the "slideshow1.xml" and replace the "Caption One" text between the <caption> </caption> tags with your slide caption text. Click visual to view:

XML Flash Slideshow

Setup the next and then the other slide images and captions:
Do the same steps as shown above but edit the "Fslide1-2.jpg" with your image. Edit "slideshow1.xml" and edit the "Caption Two" text between the <caption> </caption> tags in the second slide area in the "slideshow1.xml" file. Do this for all 12 slides, or see below to remove or add more slides.

Adding or removing a slide:
To add or remove a slide, edit the "slideshow?.xml" in the "slideshows" folder. Example: Edit "slideshow1.xml" to change the slides in the #1 slideshow. Find the last slide code for "Fslide1-12.jpg" between the <slide> </slide> tags. Copy between these tags, paste it below itself and edit the text "Fslide1-12.jpg" to "Fslide1-13.jpg". Place your "Fslide1-13.jpg" image in the "slideshows" folder. Click visual to view:

XML Flash Slideshow

Note: Be sure that </images> is only at the very bottom of the .xml file and in no other places.

Slideshow border and background color:
To change the border or background colors, edit the "slideshow?.js" in the "slideshows" folder.

XML Flash Slideshow

Edit the shade opacity:
Example: Edit the "slideshow1.xml". Edit the number between the <opac> </opac> tags for the caption shade. The <opac2> is for the counter shade. Use 0 for transparent and 100 for solid fill.

XML Flash Slideshow

Note: Opacity is set individually for each slide.

Edit the shade color:
Example: Edit the "slideshow1.xml". Edit the number between the <shadecol> </shadecol> tags for both the caption and counter shade color. You can use any HEX number.

XML Flash Slideshow

Note: Shade color is set individually for each slide.

Turn off the counter:
Example: Edit the "slideshow1.xml". Edit the "yes" between the <slidenum> </slidenum> tags to a "no". You only need to edit this in one place near the top of the .xml file.

XML Flash Slideshow

Note: The counter yes/no is set in only one place.

Landscape or portrait:
Not available in all templates. In templates and addons that include 4 slideshows, you can edit the "slideshow?.js" files in the "slideshows" folder to set the image as landscape or portrait.

XML Flash Slideshow

Where is the code:
The code for the XML Slideshow can be found in the "slideshows" folder. Code that "calls" the slideshows to display them is included in your "slideshow?.htm" pages. This is the code in the "slideshow1.htm" page:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="slideshows/slideshow1.js"></script>

Adding another slideshow page (slideshow4.htm):
To add a new slideshow:
  1. Make a copy of "slideshow1.htm". Name it "slideshow4.htm".
  2. Edit "slideshow4.htm". Search and find "slideshow1.js" in this page and change it to "slideshow4.js". This is the line just below the "LINE TO CALL THE SLIDESHOW" notes.
  3. In the "slideshows" folder make a copy of both the "slideshow1.js" and the "slideshow1.xml", name them "slideshow4.js" and "slideshow4.xml".
  4. Edit the "slideshow4.js". Find the variable text "slideshows/slideshow1.xml" and change it to "slideshows/slideshow4.xml".
    XML Flash Slideshow
  5. Edit the "slideshow4.xml". Edit the image names from 1-? and change them to 4-? in 12 places. EXAMPLE: Use search and replace and replace the exact text "1-" with "4-" in 12 places. In Notepad you can use "replace all".
  6. Create and place images "Fslide4-1.jpg" through "Fslide4-12.jpg" in the "slideshows" folder.
  7. Test the "slideshow4.htm" in a web browser.

My images are not working:
If you have replaced the "Fslide?-?.jpg" images and they are not showing in the slideshow, here are some possible reasons.
  1. Do not save these .jpg images as "progressive". Be sure to save them as "standard" .jpg images. Try re-saving these images using a "save as" and be sure to select "standard".
  2. You did not flatten the image layers before saving the .jpg file.
  3. You have pasted new code incorrectly in the XML file. Be sure that </images> is only at the very bottom of this file and in no other places. Check all your lines and compare them to a working "slideshow?.xml" file in the "slideshows" folder.
  4. See also the images not showing after an edit support page.
  5. You have edited the wrong images or the template is not unzipped properly.
  6. If this problem is after uploading click here.
  7. If you are missing one image, recheck all your image names in the "slideshows" folder and all code in the "slideshow?.xml".
  8. You have edited the "slideshow?.xml" incorrectly. Check this file and be sure all .jpg image files listed are in the "slideshows" folder.
  9. If you require a new download you can contact us.
  10. Make sure "Hotlink Protection" is turned off in your hosting account.
Background color does not change:
The color may be defined in your template CSS file.

Can I resize the slideshow?
At this time this option is not included. This may be added in future updates. You can contact us if you require a custom size.

Can I change the fade speed?
No, the fading speed is coded in the Flash .swf file. This option is not included.

Can I change the next and back buttons?
The buttons are coded in the Flash .swf file. This option is not included. You can contact us if you require a custom modification.

Flash errors:
Click here for solving Flash errors after editing the flash.txt
Click here for solving other Flash errors

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